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Boy Slutz - Sex Slaves of Sodom

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Boy Slutz - Sex Slaves of Sodom

Two brothers leave home and find work in a workplace which revolves around the young laborers fucking each other constantly! Every available moment gets filled with young twinks slamming their meat into tight holes, squirting their faces with fresh jizz, streaming out of rock hard dicks. Turning his dark haired colleague on with the sight of his smooth ass crack, Chad gets his dick rock hard and bouncing with pleasure as both young twinks devour each others cocks, his mate laying on the counter while Chad services the huge meat with his tongue, jerking hard until it explodes with spunk all over his sweet face!

Johan Volny, everyone’s favorite porn star turns up for a go, and Chad is left bent over and with Johan’s eight inch dick pumping inside him in no time! Johan’s hot body tightens as he drills the young lad deep, driving his big cock down into him, making his balls empty while still thrusting away! Interrupting an awesome blowjob, Andrew can’t resist the chance of getting with these two toned twinks, and he’s going to get a whole lot more than he expected! Blonde Julien shoves his long piece of meat into the curly haired boy, working his entire length deep into his ass as the dark haired boy rubs his body and cock as it gets fucked hard.

Swapping over, Andrew then jumps on the other, letting his shaft slide completely inside him whilst Julien gets serviced by the fucker. Shooting the three loads of spunk everywhere, the room is sure to be flooded by the sheer amount of juice escaping the throbbing dicks. These two horned up twinks can’t wait to take a break from work and get each other naked! Taking time to fully work each others dicks, they taste every inch of hard cock, taking it all past their sweet lips and down their hot throats! Turning themselves on even more, one lucky boy gets his smooth hole tongue fucked by the other, working it deep past his hole, lubing it up ready for the severe pounding he’s going to be given in a matter of seconds. Pushing straight into his ass, the hard fucking really is merciless as the bottom boy spreads his cheeks, giving as much access as possible.

Flipping him over, the cock slides in and out of his hole with ease, giving maximum depth and maximum pleasure for us viewers! Still in boot, his tattooed leg is hoisted over the shoulder letting us see every inch build to orgasm, as he squirts streams of jizz over the smooth freshly fucked boy. Catching the young Rasty in the locker room, the horny boss can’t stay mad at the new boy for long as he pushes him against the lockers and forces himself onto him, working his soft cock into a hard monster of a dick, sucking and jerking it until it explodes with fresh juice, quickly lapped up by the man in charge! Repaying the favor, Rasty gets a face full also, with the still dripping dick pushed back into the young mouth, letting the rest of the spunk slide down his throat.

After the quick session before, Rasty can’t wait for more action from the hung employer, and it’s not long to wait as he soon sneaks up in the work shed with sex on the brain! Rasty’s big dick must have turned him on immensely as he bends over to take it all up his smooth bubble butt! Jerking himself as the blond boy slaps his balls against his ass, we can hear both boys moan in pleasure as they give in to carnal desires. Rasty sure knows how to turn a guy on, flexing his young body as he works more meat into the dark haired twink.

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Ilmainen toimitus yli 59€ tilauksista. Pakettisi toimitetaan aina huomiota herättämättä eri lähettäjänimellä. Toimitusaika on yleensä noin 1-2 arkipäivää.
DB Schenker

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Keltaisen Ruusun yli 720 m2 kivijalkamyymälä on palvellut Helsingin Kampissa jo yli 20 vuotta. Sijaitsemme noin 100 m päästä Kampin metroasemalta.

Tuhansien tuotteiden valikoimasta löydät mm. liukuvoiteita, asusteita, välineitä, kondomeja, tuhansia elokuvia, Andrew Christian -alusvaatteita ja Tom of Finland -tuotteita.

su-to 12-03 (aamukolmeen)
pe-la 12-06 (aamukuuuteen)

Malminrinne 2-4
00100 Helsinki

Google Maps: 60.167038, 24.930693

Yritys: Hesnova Oy
Puhelin: +358 9 68 555 270

Verkkolaskuosoite: 003715365803
Verkkolaskuoperaattori: ITELFIHH

Cinema & Cruising

Liikkeessämme on kaksikerroksinen 400 m2 cruising- ja elokuvienkatselualue, jossa on 34 yksityistä katselukabinettia. Kosketuksella toimivasta kanavanvalitsimesta pääset valitsemaan juuri mieleistäsi katseltavaa yli 30:n elokuvan valikoimasta, jotka vaihtuvat päivittäin.

Alueelta löydät myös kaksi elokuvateatteria, tupakointihuoneen sekä mukavan kahvitilan.

Ja paljon muuta!

Sisäänpääsymaksu on 15 euroa ja on voimassa aina liikkeen sulkemiseen saakka.

Sekä cinema että myymälä ovat avoinna joka päivä.

su-to 12-03 (aamukolmeen)
pe-la 12-06 (aamukuuteen)


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