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Raw Recruits

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There are no limits to the cute, raw sexiness, of the young fuck sensations in this. Blondness is truly a gay mans greatness and this film is not short of either blond greatness, or just plain greatness it’s self. The first scene titled &#147 Bunk Up&#148 is an excellent group fuck fest, which takes place in the men’s bunk bed area. On the top bunk, blond Denis Taylor with his blond floppy haired centre parting, round sexy face and smooth fit body, enjoys the delights of Kristian Hoods who has brown floppy hair, a long handsome face with a very thin short goatee, he is so good looking he’s the kind of guy that you would see on the cover of some teen magazine or in some teen soap. Sexy Brown eyed Kristian has one hot butt hole that Denis bareback fucks to great delight. Meanwhile Robbie Masters and Rico Suro are getting it on together on the bottom bunk. Robbie has sexy blue eyes (ocean eyes), a slim build and a slim long face with a slim sleek cute face, he has dark blond hair which is maybe light brown in places, which is cut short and he has really sexy hairy legs. Rico has dirty blond hair cut to a fringe, he has a very round handsome face and a solid sexy smooth young stud body, and he has one hell of a hot crack between his sleek butt cheeks. Robbie is the one who gets a good squirting of sex piss spunked right into his mouth, he laps up every drop Rico ejaculates into his mouth, then he continues to suck deep on Rico’s cock feasting on every inch of it, that’s after of course Robbie gives Rico a good fucking up his well opened up man crack. I can’t decide who is the hottest looking in this scene, the whole scene leaves you spoilt for choice especially since they are all gorgeous looking. Watching Jay Renfro (who looks a lot like Ray Renfro Triumvirate films, or maybe he’s his brother), getting faced fucked and ploughed up his sweet arse by a big black cock is quite a treat. Bazooka Joe played by Samuel Dolce has the big piece of cock meat between his legs, he has a very nice slim smooth black body, a square jaw line and a sexy long face, and he has a wicked hair cut with a pattern of tram lines running through his short hair style. Jay he’s blond and has a sexy smooth fit body and a long featured face. Samuel shows Jay no cock mercy and Jay is more than happy to get face fucked and ram raided good and hard by Samuel. Jay gets face fucked so hard at one point his face looks like it’s in a wind tunnel. Samuel’s cock must be at least half way down Jay’s throat and Jay just loves it, he doesn’t even gag, Jay’s a true porn star pro. Jay ends up squirting buckets from his own cock meat and Samuel lets his balls spew right into Jay’s mouth, leaving Jay to suck and lick on every inch of Samuel’s black, uncut cum dripping cock. It’s always good to see a hot as fuck, blond bit of totty getting so well used both Samuel and Jay create one hell of a horny fuck in this scene. Jay the randy blond sex fuck sensation also appears in the last scene called &#147 Private Party&#148 , him and Ted Clark start off on an army bed, in some boiler room or other getting it on. Ted is a brown haired cute sensation on legs, his hair is cropped at both sides, his body is as smooth as hot melted chocolate, he’s probably the youngest in the film bless his puppy dog looking self. Jay flashes one of his, I’m going to teach you everything I know smiles at Ted, then he frantically pulls Ted’s army trousers off and gorges on Ted’s uncut virgin like cock, wanting desperately to enjoy this young mans cock meat. After a few minutes Dion Philips walks in on them both, Dion is yet another blond sex god and Jay with nodding approval from his young virginal, new fuck buddy Ted agrees to turn the twosome into a threesome. Jay ends up with cock up his sweet blond butt hole and in his mouth at the same time. Ted loves being a top to Jays bubble butt, as Jay gorges on Dion’s blond cock meat, which gives us a good view of young Ted’s, Twinkie sweet bubble butt. Ted eventually sprays his ball juice over Jay’s back and then, rams his cock back up Jay’s hot willing butt crack again , which then allows Jay to take Dions squirts of hot cum in his mouth. The scene ends with both Ted and Dion helping Jay hold his legs, as close to his chest as they can go and then Jay squirts his own cum juices right into the centre of his own mouth, just like he’s probably done it many times before. You will be glad to know there are another two scenes to this film and they are just as good as the scenes I’ve described, with guys in them no less gorgeous than all the rest. This film has got it all, staggeringly handsome fit as fuck, Eastern European smooth young studs, who bareback and take cum in their mouths, like it’s the last sexual experience they are ever going to have, plus on top of that you’ve got the hot man creamers in uniform too.

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Ilmainen toimitus yli 59€ tilauksista. Pakettisi toimitetaan aina huomiota herättämättä eri lähettäjänimellä. Toimitusaika on yleensä noin 1-2 arkipäivää.
DB Schenker

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Keltaisen Ruusun yli 720 m2 kivijalkamyymälä on palvellut Helsingin Kampissa jo yli 20 vuotta. Sijaitsemme noin 100 m päästä Kampin metroasemalta.

Tuhansien tuotteiden valikoimasta löydät mm. liukuvoiteita, asusteita, välineitä, kondomeja, tuhansia elokuvia, Andrew Christian -alusvaatteita ja Tom of Finland -tuotteita.

su-to 12-03 (aamukolmeen)
pe-la 12-06 (aamukuuuteen)

Malminrinne 2-4
00100 Helsinki

Google Maps: 60.167038, 24.930693

Yritys: Hesnova Oy
Puhelin: +358 9 68 555 270

Verkkolaskuosoite: 003715365803
Verkkolaskuoperaattori: ITELFIHH

Cinema & Cruising

Liikkeessämme on kaksikerroksinen 400 m2 cruising- ja elokuvienkatselualue, jossa on 34 yksityistä katselukabinettia. Kosketuksella toimivasta kanavanvalitsimesta pääset valitsemaan juuri mieleistäsi katseltavaa yli 30:n elokuvan valikoimasta, jotka vaihtuvat päivittäin.

Alueelta löydät myös kaksi elokuvateatteria, tupakointihuoneen sekä mukavan kahvitilan.

Ja paljon muuta!

Sisäänpääsymaksu on 15 euroa ja on voimassa aina liikkeen sulkemiseen saakka.

Sekä cinema että myymälä ovat avoinna joka päivä.

su-to 12-03 (aamukolmeen)
pe-la 12-06 (aamukuuteen)


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