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Rudeboiz 11: Spunky Scallies

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Rudeboiz 11: Spunky Scallies

Scene One: Ass pounding scally lads!!Justin and Karl get what they want in this butt slamming session, blonde Justin giving his dark haired mate a real fuck as he’s bent over the bed. Not content with just one position, this horned up lad bounces on top of his big dicked mate as Justin also grinds up, letting his balls slap against the peachy ass. Staying rock hard throughout this great sesh, Karl moans as he lets his hole get well and truly used. Sliding this throbbing dick slowly into Karl, Justin teases him with every inch as it pushes deeper, getting every bit inside him as Karl jerks himself into a sweaty orgasm. Whipping off his condom, Justin is ready and wanting to splatter his spunk all over Karl’s sweet young face, causing it to drip down his mouth!! Scene Two: Face fucking from a big dick!!Hung young Josh gives Andre the fucking of a lifetime, sliding his long dick down his throat over and over, pounding into his mouth and making him swallow as much meat as he can, he then gets to work on his smooth arse, slamming it home as he goes balls deep inside and even pulls him back onto it further, getting him to groan and yell out as he gets it deeper and harder than ever. Both keep on their baseball caps and trainers as they get it on in intense fashion, seeing Andre’s hole stretched wide in close views as Josh is all the way inside him, throbbing and pulsating against his ring. Saturating this bottom boys face in creamy cum, Josh dumps his load over his fuck buddy covering it totally. Scene Three: Hard dick slamming!!These two rudeboiz know exactly what they want, how to get it, and how to get each other rock hard and shooting their loads!! Both have great dicks and Ryan puts his to great use as he probes Jason’s smooth ass, slapping in it and out, fucking him into the sofa as his legs are wide apart, his hairless torso ripped with perfect abs and pecs, and when his balls empty over them, it’s too much for Ryan to take and he soaks the lad in spunk, ready for you lean forward and lick up of the freshly fucked rudeboy. Scene Four: Rough and Ready Rudeboiz!!Cropped hair, inked and pierced, these two guys have it going on, stiff meat sliding down each others throats, their veiny dicks are fed to one another as their smooth balls swing in the thrusting motion. Alex looks slightly Eastern with a hefty scar around his side while Rex has a real English chav look about him, and he sure loves to taste that dick, nearly as much as Alex loves the taste of Rex’s ass!! Getting fucked in great positions, Alex allows his mate to feel every thrust forward from tip to hilt, keeping him pulsating throughout, ready to squirt over his face and even laps it up after, he’s one real cum hungry lad. Scene Five: Anthony Thomas makes a welcome return!!The sight of young Johannes' dick couldn’t be denied by anyone, and Anthony returns to the rudeboiz team after a long absence. The Scandinavian boy sprts a delicious dick which gets our tattooed English lad proper turned on!! Keeping their white trainers on, the cock worshipping continues until Johannes can’t think of anything but grinding into Anthony’s hot ass, getting himself deeper into the blond bottom boy as he spreads his smooth cheeks. Teasing him with the long dick, Johannes slowly slides deeper as Anthony pushes back, unable to take it all at first. Groaning in pleasure as his ass is opened doggy style, his face is soaked as Johannes spunks over his sweet lips, Anthony is treated to a right mouthful!!

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Ilmainen toimitus yli 59€ tilauksista. Pakettisi toimitetaan aina huomiota herättämättä eri lähettäjänimellä. Toimitusaika on yleensä noin 1-2 arkipäivää.
DB Schenker

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Keltaisen Ruusun yli 720 m2 kivijalkamyymälä on palvellut Helsingin Kampissa jo yli 20 vuotta. Sijaitsemme noin 100 m päästä Kampin metroasemalta.

Tuhansien tuotteiden valikoimasta löydät mm. liukuvoiteita, asusteita, välineitä, kondomeja, tuhansia elokuvia, Andrew Christian -alusvaatteita ja Tom of Finland -tuotteita.

su-to 12-03 (aamukolmeen)
pe-la 12-06 (aamukuuuteen)

Malminrinne 2-4
00100 Helsinki

Google Maps: 60.167038, 24.930693

Yritys: Hesnova Oy
Puhelin: +358 9 68 555 270

Verkkolaskuosoite: 003715365803
Verkkolaskuoperaattori: ITELFIHH

Cinema & Cruising

Liikkeessämme on kaksikerroksinen 400 m2 cruising- ja elokuvienkatselualue, jossa on 34 yksityistä katselukabinettia. Kosketuksella toimivasta kanavanvalitsimesta pääset valitsemaan juuri mieleistäsi katseltavaa yli 30:n elokuvan valikoimasta, jotka vaihtuvat päivittäin.

Alueelta löydät myös kaksi elokuvateatteria, tupakointihuoneen sekä mukavan kahvitilan.

Ja paljon muuta!

Sisäänpääsymaksu on 15 euroa ja on voimassa aina liikkeen sulkemiseen saakka.

Sekä cinema että myymälä ovat avoinna joka päivä.

su-to 12-03 (aamukolmeen)
pe-la 12-06 (aamukuuteen)


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